Victory Tabernacle Christian School
Jl. Bukit Raya, Raffles Hill 3
Bukit Sari, Semarang

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(024) 76485433
085 959 595 805

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Changing Hearts, Changing Minds


We are an official educational institution from elementary to high school which provides education according to Cambridge IGCSE standard, using Eduseeds and the latest technology available. Our students learn through the internet and multimedia to maximize their learning potential. We also use Eduseeds that currently has thousands of students in over 70 schools across the south-east Asia countries. We bring a new dimension to teaching and learning for the 21st century. Eduseeds leverages on technology and cloud-based digital learning platform to create an interactive and personalized learning environment for students. Read more..

Our Classroom

VTCS has a facility which helps the students to learn, cozy study rooms with multimedia and internet access. Full English is required in the classrooms.

Available for

Athletes & Talented Students

VTCS has a flexible time to come to school for an athlete or talented student who wants to keep formal education while developing their talents in sports or acting and modeling.

Acceleration Class

VTCS offers the opportunity to finish quicker within 10 years for elementary-high school with the concept of an independent study compared.

Virtual Teacher

All courses are delivered through multimedia which gives the impression of a fun study. They can replay back the lesson to understand better. The benefit of Virtual Teacher is when students are absent, they would able to access the lessons from their home.

Eduseeds helps students to study better.

We provide high quality education for our children.

Message by Ps. Kevin Gan

Eduseeds Founder